REACT3ON TRAINER manufacturer

/challenge #1 >ultra fast players

ultra fast reactions is a player condition and a new standard to profile the best soccer players.

  • It is the new parameter to profile reaction times on fast players with ball reactions, reflexes, high-speed vision, kick/pass accuracy and spread vision.
  • It is an ALL AROUND training that involves all parts of the body that are linked to quickly respond with accuracy to an incoming ball from any direction.
  • Most of the time is confused with a plain physycal training that can compromise the speed & agility of a player.
  • Special training devices are used to challenge players speed and reactions where a high level of stamina is required to follow the pace.
  • Trained players can easly create, intercept or react to field situations to score more frequently with the additional ability to have more time to visualize and READ THE GAME.
  • How do you measure it? The logical answer is timing it but ALL AROUND FAST players are the ones that scores most of the goals independently of field position.
  • It's the only program where you can train thousands of ball reactions at high speed in minutes at home.
  • It's the only training that can strength your weak leg to play like your dominant leg at home.

/challenge #2 >spread vision development

spread vision is the invisible skill that is inversely proportional to fast sprint ability with dynamic ball control.

  • It is so hard to test the spread vision on players but the real indicator is when they have to almost to stop to pass the ball or they can not see the other team mates around with fast ball situations.
  • The lack of Spread Vision will compromise the player's abilities to move to the next levels on their way up to the top.
  • It is the most common reason NO TOLD to be left behind.
  • Spread Vision without a decent sprint speed will compromise the ability to evolve and visualize your way to READ THE GAME under new coaching strategies.
  • We have developed a unique program to Spread Vision while training your Dynamic Ball Control using the challenges and feedback provided by the Fighter Pilots that have the most spread out vision in the world.
  • Spread Vision has no talent. It is a condition that only emerges after hours of training. It is ones of the INVISIBLE skill on the very top of the game chain.
  • Spread Vision is the first step of the ladder to a High Speed Vision Player.

/challenge #3 >Logical Dribbling sequence

dribbling is the most enjoyable action liked for fans after a goal and the key to unbalanced the game.

  • Dribbling is the most complex action to be sucessfully executed while keeping the spread vision and the ability to unbalanced the game without losing the ball.
  • Most players confuse dribbling with juggling where there are no really challenges on speed or quickly change of directions.
  • Some players practice dribbling over and over but they do not know HOW TO use it on real game situations where chances to succesfully execute are low.
  • We have developed a Dribbling Program using a LOGICAL DRIBBLING Sequence that will be imprinted in player's mind. This is the key process that will allow good execution with confidence.
  • The logical thinking with the dynamic ball control training combination will make players move to the next levels and increasing their chances to develop the ability to READ THE GAME.
  • Not in vain the most well paid players in the world are the ones that know HOW TO dribble by creating new opps or unbalancing the game.

/Our Vision.

to become the worldwide leader provider of individual soccer, futbol, футбольный, football, 足球, 足球, futebol training for the next generation of Super Soccer Players. (SSP)


to provide the Training, Knowledge and Devices needed to help football players to emerge and evolve into this new Ultra Fast Soccer Era.


Players are engaged with specific programs and devices based on their experience and target goals.
The dimensions of the progressive training are its intensity, its duration and its frequency.

//Why SoccerMAS

  1. Trains the whole body to this new fastest condition.
  2. Train anytime, anywhere & in any weather.
  3. Increase Spread Vision & High-Speed Vision at the same time.
  4. Train your ball reaction times, reflexes & stamina like never before.
  5. Overcome the risks of your weak leg.

/For whom.

1. A progressive training program for new or experienced players.
2. Used as a complementary add-on by competitive players that want to excel their performance.

3. Adopted by serious players that want to reach maximum ALL AROUND potential on their way up.

/The K2+core.

You can't achieve your maximum potential until you feel comfortable with your "DYNAMIC Ball Control".
The Spread Vision, a positive Decision Making and "READING THE GAME" will become impossible tasks on your way up.
K2PLUS IS THE SOLUTION: "Success is the consequence of hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love for what you are doing and learning to do."


Prepare to be the best technically, mentally and physically.

Performance indicators: intermittent high-intensity endurance, sprint ability, jumping, ability to quickly change direction and dynamic ball control.

1. Agilit3on™


A progressive training program to improve balance, ball control and agility.

2. Kidst3on™


A progressive program for little kids to improve synchronization, balance and reaction.



A training program to improve dribbling and dynamic ball control.

4. Kickt3on™


A training program to improve your kick and ball reaction times.

5. Strength3on


An advanced program to make your weak leg play like your strong leg.

6. React3on™


A program to evolve your vision and physical reaction/reflex times.



A PRE-College accelerated program to reach your maximum potential and improve your technical skills.

8. Fast3on™


A training program to improve your dynamic ball control speed using obstacle tracks.

9. Trackt3on™


A program to improve your overall technical skills and the ability to quickly change direction on custom tracks.

10. Next3on™


A challenge certification, ranking and exposure platform for players that want to have an alternative way to be scouted for a college, club or internationally.

/Players type.

The purpose of a progressive training program is to improve the physical, psychomotor and technical skills attributes.


Recreational Fun Level
  • For Ages 6+
  • Kidst3on™ Program
  • Agilit3on™ Program
  • Dribblt3on™ Program
  • Kickt3on™ Program


Competitive Level
  • For Competitive players
  • Agilit3on+ Program
  • Dribblt3on™ Program
  • Kickt3on™ Program
  • Strength3on™ Program
  • React3on™ Program
  • CollegeMAX™ Program


for Div I, II, III Levels
  • For College players
  • Agilit3on+ Program
  • Kickt3on™ Program
  • Fast3on™ Program
  • Dribblt3on+ Program
  • Strength3on™ Program
  • React3on™ Program
  • Reflext3on™ Program
  • CollegeMAX™ Program
  • Trackt3on™ Program


High-End Level
  • For High-End players
  • React3on+ Program
  • Strength3on™ Program
  • Reflext3on™ Program
  • Trackt3on+ Program
  • Intercept3on™ Program

/Training Milestones.

There are many levels of training under each program. Each level is built up, keeping in mind a progressive body synchronization, allowing players to acquire agility and strength, and it does all that in a safe way at their own pace.
Balance & Speed90%
Ball Control/ Decision Making93%
Ball Reaction90%
Spread Vision/ Read the game90%
Reflexes & Explosive Reactions90%
Power Increase on Weak-Leg 85%
Finisher /Striker94%

/Contact .

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